A shrub is a small to medium-sized woody plant. It is distinguished from a tree by its multiple stems and shorter height, usually under 20 feet tall. Small, low shrubs, generally less than 6.6 feet tall, such as lavender, periwinkle and most small garden varieties of roses, are often termed subshrubs. An area of cultivated shrubs in a park or a garden is known as a shrubbery. When clipped as topiary, suitable species or varieties of shrubs develop dense foliage and many small leafy branches growing close together. Many shrubs respond well to renewal pruning, in which hard cutting back to a "stool" results in long new stems known as "canes". Other shrubs respond better to selective pruning to reveal their structure and character.


Annuals add almost constant color to your flower garden, container plantings and window boxes during the summer season. Their blast of color lasts until a hard frost comes, and their blooms add the finishing touches to patios, decks and yards. Each year, we look for new varieties to add to our customer favorites.


Year after year, perennials provide lasting beauty in the garden. EarthArt offers old favorites and hot, new varieties to keep your garden blooming summer after summer. Consider planting perennials as unique specimen plants in your annual flower beds, or create a perennial garden of classic and timeless beauty. For a eye catching garden, we feature many unusual cultivars for both sun and shade conditions. Many of these specimens are hard to find in other garden centers

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Our Plants

* Barberry
* Butterfly Bush
* Dogwood
* Smoketree
* Myrtle
* Honeysuckle
* Juniper
* Sweetspire
* Holly
* Hydrangea
* Rose of Sharon
* Lacebark
* Witch-hazel
* Variety of Knockout Roses
* Forsythia
* Russian Sage
* Ninebark
* Rhododendron
* Spirea
* Lilac
* Yew
* Viburnum
* Weiglea
* And More....
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Our Perennials
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