Mulches are materials placed over the soil surface to maintain moisture and improve soil conditions. Mulching is one of the most beneficial things a home owner can do for the health of a tree. Mulch can retain moisture in the soil, minimize weed competition,keep the soil cool, improve soil structure and make the garden look more attractive.

Organic mulches also help improve the soil’s fertility, as they decompose.Organic mulch will decompose and have to be replaced, however in the process it will also improve your soil’s fertility and, of course, its organic content. Generally the dryer and woodier the mulch, the slower it will decompose and the less nutrients it will give to the soil. Earth Art products are Michigan made from indigenous natural wood trees, not from C & D waste (construction debris) or pallets.

All mulch products vary from location to location. Before you make any investment in your landscaping, we highly encourage everyone to make the effort to know the product you are purchasing. You are advised to touch the product and inspect the product before you purchase.

Types of Mulches
•Color Enhanced; Black, Red, Coco Brown, Walnut Brown, Gold
•Choice Hardwood
•Double Ground Premium Woodchips